Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Capsules (AntiStone)


HERBA ANTISTONE  helps you to dilute extra calcium oxalate, Phosphate, Uric Acid thus removing stone- creating particles through urine, also these tablets give relief to your pain.

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Kidneys filter our blood and remove all impurities from our body through urine, Some time due to low water consumption or high mineral diet impurities stay in the kidney, and these impurities increase the level of calcium oxalate, Phosphate, Uric Acid, and other minerals in our body, and these chemical compounds collectively known as Stones. These stones stuck in the kidney or bladder and give an unbearable pain, sometimes due to this pain people suffer from high fever, high pain in the lower part of the stomach or waist, vomiting, even some time patients suffering from stone problems not able to pass urine, or blood comes in urine. So stones need to get out of the body as soon as one comes to know about that.


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