Pain Relief Oil and Capsules Combo Pack


  • Content: Herba Relief Capsules and Nara – N Oil ( Total Units = 2)  60 Capsules + 30 ml Oil
  • Massage with this Pain Oil may help in providing relief from Joint Pain, Back Pain, Neck or shoulder Pain and muscle stiffness or sore muscles.
  • Taking 1 Herba Relief Capsule Twice Daily will result in more satisfaction.
  • Experience natural effectiveness of Ayurveda and ancient wisdom with 17 Active Ayurvedic herbs and herbal oils such as Clove, Cinnamon, Maha Visgarbh, Maha Narayan, Dhanwantram, Maha Mash, Ashwagandha, Shatavari etc.
  • These Potent ingredients are believed to be helpful for elderly people suffering from body pain, knee pain, joint pain etc.
  • Suitable for Adults, Children and Pregnant Women
  • They are 100% natural and herbal capsules with 0% side effects.
  • It will Increase your Energy level & Fitness.
  • Manufactured under GMP & ISO 9001 : 100% Natural & Organic
  • Storage: Store in a Cool & Dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not Refrigerate.

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Herba Organics’ pain relief oil and Capsules pack is the perfect combo if you looking for natural pain relief method. The product has essential oils for pain and inflammation and is one of the best pain relief oil and capsules pack in India.



Nara-N oil enriched with sweet flag, drumstick and cedar tree extracts. Key ingredients sweet flag is known for its analgesic, spasmolytic and nervine tonic properties, which relieve pain. Drumstick has a wide variety of uses in Ayurveda. The gum of the drumstick tree contains anti-inflammatory and warming properties, which reduce pain. Cedarwood contains antispasmodic properties which relieve spasms and related ailments. This includes spasms of the respiratory system, intestines, muscles, heart, and nerves. Ginger has anti-inflammatory, stimulant and healing properties that relieve body swelling. Country mallow has spasmolytic properties, which aid in the healing process.



Herba Relief is a pure ayurvedic formulation. It is very effective for all type of Joint pain and arthritis-related disorders. This ayurvedic pain relief capsule is effective and safe for Arthritis as it relaxes blood vessels and enhances the flow of blood. Higher blood flow maintains cell generation, good rate of cell generation keeps tissue growth higher and reverse weaknesses and debilities caused by Arthritis to ligaments and muscles. This knee pain medicine possesses herbal ingredients like Salai Guggul, Nirgundi, Erandmool and many other essential herbs which is useful in arthritis pain and help in reversing the degenerative changes that occur in joints and bones in knee arthritis. This pain relief medicine is formulated with the combination of probiotics which limit pro-inflammatory damage, alleviate pain much faster and improves the efficacy of Ayurvedic drugs. It is a Safer and Stronger Pain management ayurvedic medicine which offers faster action and quicker relief.



  1. Sukh Kuchla
    2. Sukh Bhalantak
    3. Rasna Patti (Pluchea Ianceolata)
    4. Saunth (Zingiber Officinale)
    5. Amba Haldi (Curcuma Amada)
    6. Mathi (Trigonella foenum)
    7. Shallki (Boswellia serrate)
    8. Harad (Terminalia chebula)
    9. Arand (Ricinus Communis)



  1. Back pain
  2. Knee pain
  3. Joint pain
  4. Muscular pain & Sprains.


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