Ayurvedic Spotcure Capsules


  • This skin condition is not contagious
  • Your child may also end up suffering from this skin condition if one or even both parents are suffering from this condition.
  • This skin condition can lead to thyroid disorders.
  • This skin condition is often mistaken for leprosy by many.
  • It can happen to anyone at any age but most cases are reported to be before the age group of 20 years.
  • Treatment for this skin condition only aims at stopping the depigmentation of the skin and helping your skin regain its color.
  • Stress is said to be one of the main reasons for this skin condition.

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People suffering from this condition may feel bad about how they carry themselves in public, as they might feel a lot more depressed about their looks. So, now that you know what white patches are, let us understand some important facts that surround this skin condition.


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